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Toodyay Racecourse

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Toodyay Race results

24 September, 2016

23 September, 2017

23 September, 2018

Toodyay Top Jockeys

These are the top 37 Jockeys who have raced recently at Toodyay

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
Ms K Yuill31012259
Jerry Noske30183813
Mitchell Pateman21372958
C Staples21054020
Kate Witten21063417
Takahide Ikenushi201102010
Ms L Staples14115734
T Turner13052060
Jarrad Noske11133467
Tayla Stone10261734
Andrew Castle10171515
Shelby Colgate1005200
Ms S Bogenhuber1006170
Alan Kennedy0214075
Mollie Clark01120100
William White0116034
L Camilleri0117029
Brodie Kirby0102050
J Whiting0102050
R Markou0102050
Aaron Mitchell0105020
Ms M Bazeley0105020
Ms R Forrest0024050
Emma Stent0012050
Maddison Brown0013034
Ms S Starley0013034
P Knuckey0017015
Ms E Cockram00110010
B Banovic-Edwards000100
Fiona Bell000200
J Brown000100
Kristy Bennett000100
M R Forder000100
Ms S Altieri000300
Natasha Faithfull000300
Sarah Bonner000500
Shelby Bowtell000200

Toodyay Top Trainers

These are the top 50 Trainers who have raced recently at Toodyay

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
G Durrant & J Miller20021000
Ms S L Miller20021000
Brett Pope12152060
D & B Pearce12112925
R C McPherson11042525
G C Ballantyne102101020
V J Cockell10125050
D T McAuliffe10011000
G P Poletti10011000
Jade Proctor10011000
Ms D Warnes10011000
Ms K D'Orsogna10011000
Nikki Davies10011000
Rebecca Shanks10011000
D L Morton1002500
G P Evans1002500
Fenella Martin1003340
P H Jordan1003340
V A Brockman1003340
Tracey Diederich0203067
Meryl Hayley0125060
A G Durrant0113067
Jeff Noske01010100
Joshua Krispyn01010100
K M Green01010100
Ms K Farrell01010100
Steele Casey01010100
W J Mitchell01010100
A M Bazeley0102050
A W Maley0102050
Greg Wright0102050
M H Miller0102050
Tiarnna Robertson0102050
D M Luciani0104025
I S Glading0104025
Bill Spencer00110100
B M Kay0012050
Brian Rogers0015020
A J Voigt000200
Aldo Cortopassi000100
A W Carraill000100
A W Vidot000100
B H Hyde000100
B P Graham000100
Brent Albuino000100
Brock Lewthwaite000200
B S Seinor000100
C G Willis000100
C R Green000100
David Young000100