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Collie Racecourse

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No upcoming meetings available for Collie racecourse

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No upcoming meetings available for Collie racecourse

Collie Race results

22 October, 2016

28 October, 2017

Collie Top Jockeys

These are the top 24 Jockeys who have raced recently at Collie

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
William White20021000
C Haddon132111046
Ms S Altieri11152040
Casey Hunter11025050
Ms C O'Grady11052020
Ms K Yuill10242550
Ms L Staples10152020
D Miller1002500
Ms J Gray1002500
G Scimone1004250
Shelby Colgate1008130
Chelsi Forder0227058
Mitchell Pateman0104025
Natasha Faithfull0104025
N Rudland0104025
Kate Witten0105020
A Carmichael-Hillan0012050
Ms E Cockram0014025
Brodie Kirby0016017
Ms R Forrest0017015
Maddison Brown000100
Ms C Pearce000100
Ms S Starley000100
Tayla Stone000400

Collie Top Trainers

These are the top 50 Trainers who have raced recently at Collie

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
M W Bairstow2003670
T N Pike2007290
P B Hunter11142550
M H Miller10125050
Andrew Dickson10011000
Ben Pearce10011000
Michael Kramer10011000
S J Wolfe10011000
Krista Pike1002500
Natalie Burke1002500
Roy Rogers0215060
J G Pike0216050
P & M Giadresco01120100
Meryl Hayley0113067
R J Malpass0113067
J P Cunniffe01010100
Stephen Sheehy01010100
Brett Pope0102050
D R Couper0103034
B A Lewis00110100
A M Bazeley0012050
G Durrant & J Miller0012050
Ivan Haggerty0013034
Ms J Busslinger0013034
Andrew De Campo000100
A R Ives000100
B P Fitzgerald000100
Brett Southcott000300
Cliff Howe000100
D & B Pearce000100
D H Hopperton000100
D J Waldock000200
Fenella Martin000200
G E Hitchcock000100
G M Ayres000200
G P Slater000100
I S Glading000100
Jade Proctor000100
K J Reeves000100
Matthew Scott000100
M K Solly000100
Ms C Gilbert000700
Ms C Godden000100
Ms K Farrell000100
Ms K L Grantham000100
M Storer000100
Nikki Davies000100
P D Tapper000200
Shannon Roughan000100
S R Wallace000100