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Albany Racecourse

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Albany Race results

8 January, 2017

2 February, 2017

12 February, 2017

2 March, 2017

16 March, 2017

6 April, 2017

16 April, 2017

9 April, 2016

23 April, 2016

9 December, 2016

26 December, 2016

4 February, 2016

13 February, 2016

9 January, 2016

28 January, 2016

3 March, 2016

27 March, 2016

6 May, 2016

14 January, 2017

27 April, 2017

4 May, 2017

19 November, 2017

1 December, 2017

22 December, 2017

26 December, 2017

7 January, 2018

13 January, 2018

11 February, 2018

1 March, 2018

9 March, 2018

1 February, 2018

1 April, 2018

12 April, 2018

4 May, 2018

26 April, 2018

11 May, 2018

Albany Top Jockeys

These are the top 50 Jockeys who have raced recently at Albany

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
S Mc Gruddy3526201552330
Mitchell Pateman2528221851428
J Whiting2021261581330
P Hall202012882337
G L Smith17119822125
Brodie Kirby1363492719
Ms L Staples11810129914
Natasha Faithfull101413126822
Lucy Warwick1082492121
B Kennedy1046432424
Randy Tan91214118823
D Staeck764711015
Casey Hunter6128129516
M Autier69877823
B Parnham643351820
P Knuckey63967918
Fiona Bell56681715
L Camilleri549112512
Takahide Ikenushi53561914
M R Forder5148466
Tayla Stone441475624
Andrew Castle444391121
Alan Kennedy36849729
S O'Donnell36237922
S Meeres35539826
Ms K Yuill31335912
Mollie Clark31033104
Kate Witten3025564
J Kokotajlo25654421
D Miller24360412
Ms M Bazeley23323927
Chris Parnham224141543
T Turner22429721
Kate Fitzgerald2225448
B A Curtis21282538
L Newman2112499
Brandon Louis21012179
Sarah Bonner14134315
C Johnston-Porter12329418
William White1224839
Joseph Azzopardi12119616
Jarrad Noske11181325
Aaron Mitchell1101388
Ms K Cross1012644
Jake Casey1004250
A Carmichael-Hillan1006170
Chelsi Forder1006170
Maddison Brown04320035
Shelby Colgate03787012
C Haddon0203207

Albany Top Trainers

These are the top 50 Trainers who have raced recently at Albany

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
S J Wolfe5245463391627
Roy Rogers2515222121218
P B Hunter2019151831119
P C Western11116721624
P & M Giadresco867382235
M J Nelson855481721
D M Attwell82160145
J D Jachmann79382915
G B Delane768120612
Liam O'Loughlin735272630
Ms A J Smith62249139
M K Solly5128110519
Rebecca Wallrodt563331628
J T Warwick533202530
K J Allen442401015
Stephen Sheehy434341221
M L Lane424212029
B P Graham422133131
A D Smith408361223
G S Hughes31110105320
D L McAuliffe38756627
N R Lee36951630
P Parsons35274510
M W Bairstow34670515
D H Hopperton342271223
Ms M P Hunter334251229
Justin Parsons31342810
G R Keay31093412
Brett Southcott31016197
Samantha Faithfull302161913
P E Roberts302201510
Holly Locke21192323
D T McAuliffe211111919
G E Hitchcock20163417
P D Tapper20163417
Ms D Panizza13325424
A M McNamara13181350
A W Maley13191245
J R Rogers122101040
A W McNamara12238311
M M Sheridan12161750
B V Watkins12171543
Ben Pearce12061734
Mark Wright12012917
J E Askevold11934330
Lynette Kiddle11142550
C R Green11113816
A J McGuinniss11117612
A G Durrant11052020
K W Brown11052020