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Home Hill Racecourse

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Home Hill Race results

25 April, 2016

3 December, 2016

20 February, 2016

21 May, 2016

29 October, 2016

11 February, 2017

25 April, 2017

20 May, 2017

4 November, 2017

2 December, 2017

24 February, 2018

7 April, 2018

19 May, 2018

Home Hill Top Jockeys

These are the top 40 Jockeys who have raced recently at Home Hill

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
Ms B Thomson574391329
J Felix521321610
P Cullen495381137
G D Kliese474321335
F Edwards413231818
Ms N Nelson413251616
Ms C Jokic332231422
L Attard3007430
Ms K Aho24633731
M Haley243211034
M Abe22323922
D Simmons21523927
Rachel Shred211131616
W D'Avila203102030
Emily Cass2009230
Ms A Thomson130111028
Q Krogh12152060
A Coome11271543
Justin P Stanley11033434
Ms N Summers11042525
D Sparks10291223
K Rockett10152020
Daniel Edmonds10161717
Madeleine Wishart10161717
M Kai1003340
S Sheargold1004250
Matt Morris1006170
S Watkin1007150
S Wilson04412067
Ms S Wiseman0204050
Aidan Holt0124075
M Cullen01010100
G Watson0106017
I Fry0013034
Braydn Swaffer000200
D J Evans000100
J Long000200
Matthew Hart000400
N Yadi000400
S Mc Govern000200

Home Hill Top Trainers

These are the top 50 Trainers who have raced recently at Home Hill

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
J H Manzelmann511759931
Joao Campeao458411032
Ms O Cairns441261620
E G Snelling411123417
Andrew Cameron343221432
R P Tapiolas322211520
Ronald Finch321152020
Michael Jokic22172943
Ben Williams220201010
Trinity Bannon21063417
Cherrie Lindgren21082513
F J Wieland210111910
Michael Geaney20163417
A J Seymour2004500
J G Dale12052040
R C Ludwig11033434
W E Winters11033434
R A Nelson10261734
R J Cussons10281325
Stephen Potiris10281325
Georgina Bourke10125050
R J Snelling10161717
M A Bannon10171515
Allen Smith10011000
Darryl Johnston10011000
Ms K Price10011000
E J Sewell1002500
G Townsend1002500
M A Dale1002500
Mark Cochrane1002500
Shane Sigvart1002500
Tanya Parry1003340
Ms J Hassett1004250
Alby Molino0427086
Donna Snelling0416084
Ms L McCormack02217024
Tracy Simmons0114050
Julie Russell0116034
Clinton Garland01010100
J E Barr01010100
K D Krogh01010100
Ms T Cotsiopoulos01010100
R Tydman01010100
William Kenning01010100
K McGovern0102050
Aaron Payne00110100
A R Bailey0012050
A G Malliff000300
A M Comerford000100
Bevan Johnson000100