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Young Racecourse

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No upcoming meetings available for Young racecourse

Young Race results

21 May, 2016

20 May, 2017

7 October, 2017

19 May, 2018

6 October, 2018

Young Top Jockeys

These are the top 46 Jockeys who have raced recently at Young

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
Megan Taylor402142915
Ms S Johnson22163450
Ms N Burrells21092312
Ms K Nisbet20254040
Jason Devrimol20011190
M Travers12033467
Ms K Bell-Pitomac12052040
Brad Clark12071529
M Heagney11617642
Toby Lake11025050
Mr R Blewitt10361750
B Murphy10152020
Carly Frater-Hill101101010
Jody Hughes10011000
Chelsea Macfarlane1002500
P Scorse1002500
Ms D Tagg1003340
Aaron Sweeney1004250
Ms R Prest1006170
Rachel Hunt02240100
B Vale02020100
Billy Owen0205040
Ms A Stanley0205040
J Geppert01120100
D Pitomac0117029
Mikiko Nakao01010100
Ms C Gravener01010100
Michael Hackett0103034
Tara-Jane Mitchell0104025
Wesley Boyd0105020
A Barton0026034
Clayton Gallagher00110100
A Kajiya0014025
Josh Richards0016017
Ms T Jeffries0018013
Crystal Conning000100
Jessie Philpot000300
M Milford000100
Ms K Adams000700
Ms K A Smart000200
Ms K Chater000600
Ms S Metcalfe000400
S Fogg000200
Shelley Walsh000200
Simon Miller000600
Y Ichikawa000200

Young Top Trainers

These are the top 50 Trainers who have raced recently at Young

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
J Rolfe40012340
K P Weir302103020
Matthew Dale20136734
Ms S Murray-Leslie20021000
J M Cleary2004500
Richard Coulton2004500
J W Marzol12081325
Leslie Bryant120101020
Ms T Anderson11033434
N Smart11042525
D J Rolfe11071515
G R Wright10142525
M D Sparrow10011000
Ms K Kulic10011000
R Cole10011000
Andrew Sheahan1003340
Doug Gorrel1004250
G P Vella0214075
R W Steiner02020100
C Heywood0203067
Peter W Stanley0205040
Ms W Baker0125060
Kylie Kennedy01120100
S Spackman0113067
Becky Byrne01010100
Caitlin Cox01010100
M W Smith01010100
N J Olive01010100
Craig Weeding0102050
Aaron Clarke0103034
Roy L McCabe0103034
Steven Wilson0103034
Joseph Ible0023067
G Backhouse00110100
G Dimitropoulos00110100
A D Bourke000100
A L McRae000100
B N Molloy000100
B P Connell000100
Brian Young000100
C A Tyack000300
Dennis Bush000200
D P Blundell000100
D R Mirfin000100
G D'Altorio000100
G D Vella000200
Geoffrey Crothers000100
G G Kirkup000100
G & K Gooch000100
James Curtis000100