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Wagga Riverside Racecourse

Wagga Riverside Form Guide

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Wagga Riverside Betting tips

No upcoming meetings available for Wagga Riverside racecourse

Wagga Riverside Race results

3 December, 2016

4 November, 2016

9 January, 2017

26 January, 2017

27 May, 2017

1 August, 2017

22 December, 2017

11 December, 2017

27 November, 2017

2 December, 2017

Wagga Riverside Top Jockeys

These are the top 50 Jockeys who have raced recently at Wagga Riverside

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
J Penza530182817
R Bensley463271534
B P Ward431371111
Nick Heywood423202025
Brad Clark423261620
N Souquet362261231
Simon Miller343211534
M A Cahill343321022
M Travers24224925
J Grisedale234181239
B Vale23032710
Megan Taylor21324917
A Banks21163434
Chelsea Macfarlane21012179
Lily Coombe20282525
Brock Ryan2008250
Ms K Nisbet14016725
M Heagney13217630
Ms S Metcalfe12330417
Harry Grace11071515
Aaron Sweeney10252040
Brodie Loy102101020
Lester Grace10171515
P Scorse10181313
B Murphy1011388
Brooke Sweeney1002500
Carly Frater-Hill1004250
Ms R Prest02013016
L Attard01010100
B Fliedner01010010
Josh Richards00310030
A Chau0029023
Lachlan King0013034
Rachel Hunt0013034
Ms G Cartwright0014025
Ms N Burrells0014025
Mikiko Nakao0019012
Ms A Masters0011408
B Mc Dougall000200
C R Brown000100
J Duffy000300
Kristina Rayner000100
Lee Smith000100
Michael Hackett000400
Ms A Bryan000300
Ms K Adams000100
Ms T Jeffries000500
R Beattie000200
S A Mc Cullum000200
Trent Germaine000100

Wagga Riverside Top Trainers

These are the top 50 Trainers who have raced recently at Wagga Riverside

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
C Heywood432331316
W G Carroll322181723
G J Colvin27426843
T G Sutherland25457416
P S Clancy253221037
K P Weir22226816
Paul Murray22072929
S S Cunningham22092323
Matthew Smith21054020
K Dryden & S Collings20163417
Peter Smith20021000
T J McIlrick20021000
Todd Smart2003670
G P Vella133111055
P A Sweeney13212942
N F Gardner13181350
Ms B Joseph & P A Jones12316732
Doug Vickers12171543
N J Olive121111028
Nathan Hobson12061734
Donna Grisedale11033434
Tash Burleigh11033434
C D Widdison11091212
S Spackman102101020
P F Maher10125050
Andrew Dale10133434
B F Cavanough10133434
P J Morgan10142525
R W Steiner10161717
Doug Gorrel10011000
R A Freyer10011000
Rob Potter10011000
Jamie Scott1002500
J D Whitelaw1002500
N E Layt1002500
Robert Anderson1002500
Shilleagh Meyervale1002500
Danny Parsons1003340
Michelle Ritchie1003340
A Fitzgerald1005200
Sylvia Thompson10010100
N J Osborne0203067
T P Donnelly0207029
Graham Hulm0113067
K A Davison0118025
G Dimitropoulos0103034
R P Wellington0104025
Andrew Sheahan0024050
A Curtis0012050
A E Barton0013034