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Lismore Racecourse

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Lismore Race results

23 December, 2016

4 February, 2017

24 February, 2017

31 March, 2017

3 April, 2016

22 April, 2016

22 August, 2016

30 January, 2016

23 July, 2016

7 May, 2016

11 October, 2016

22 September, 2016

27 November, 2016

2 September, 2016

22 July, 2017

15 August, 2017

21 September, 2017

23 October, 2017

22 December, 2017

19 February, 2018

17 March, 2018

24 April, 2018

19 May, 2018

2 June, 2018

18 June, 2018

Lismore Top Jockeys

These are the top 50 Jockeys who have raced recently at Lismore

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
B Looker121610831532
M Mc Guren1286552226
M Paget101510921128
R Fradd922224119
R Spokes788761022
L P Rolls552311723
S Traecey513431210
J L Taylor45667617
M Bennett426381122
J Woodhouse424241725
T Treichel415441014
S Galloway413212020
Leah Kilner41015277
Noriyuki Masuda35846729
P Graham35650622
Jackson Murphy342271223
Ms T Harrison33440818
C Small325281125
Daniel Griffin313142229
Brooke Stower312261212
M Cahill311103020
C P Franklin27543528
Ms B Hodder26133722
C Whiteley232181228
Brooke Ainsworth22426824
L V Cassidy223111946
Cejay Graham222181223
Kirk Matheson22228815
R Wiggins21163434
P Timbery20163417
Ms A Badger2013074
Ms R Williams20021000
Baylee Nothdurft2003670
V D Johnston2006340
Corinne Miles2008250
R Plumb20014150
Ms L G Cheshire13245312
R Mc Mahon13113831
M Shimodaira130111028
Gina Mitchell13013824
K Fujii12217624
Jag Guthmann-Chester12117618
P Hammersley12042550
G Colless120111019
M Hellyer11528422
B N Stewart11261750
Ms S Bogenhuber112101030
D Peisley11152040
Mikiko Nakao11114815
Ms C Schmidt110111010

Lismore Top Trainers

These are the top 50 Trainers who have raced recently at Lismore

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
M J Dunn1394443030
Daniel Bowen101011761428
S B Lee566401330
B D Bellamy423351215
Ms H Page403113728
Michael Costa40011370
D J Graham336271234
Owen Glue332161932
D D Schmidt332211524
Ms M Brosnan331271215
P J Evans33093434
B Robinson3247159
A F Ryan312221414
P Duff31074315
David Vandyke31083813
Ms K Loy30165017
T W McCarthy30116197
A J Pilling3007430
Ethan Ensby22631726
Carolyn Halliday22231713
Daniel Want22172943
Ms K Doughty22092323
Ms J Hardy21626827
Ms L Paton214171230
B J Lockwood21282538
B Witt21154040
Morgan Butler211211010
P A Youngberry21092312
D Chujo202181212
David Joice20145025
M T Eggleston20163417
H Kilner20172915
D T Kelly20115147
Liam Munro20021000
Ms J Williams20021000
Troy Pascoe20021000
P & W Hulbert2004500
Sally Taylor14212950
Shane Everson13124517
Matthew Dunn12281350
Danielle Campbell12171543
Bruce Hill12191234
Marcus Wilson12113824
Ms S Pepper12124513
Ian Savins12081325
W K Sutton12081325
J E Everson12091223
B Herne11161734
Brett Sturgess11033434
Chris Munce11052020