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Dubbo Racecourse

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Dubbo Race results

19 February, 2017

23 August, 2016

22 February, 2016

31 January, 2016

17 June, 2016

20 March, 2016

11 May, 2016

1 November, 2016

29 May, 2016

20 September, 2016

29 October, 2016

23 April, 2017

1 May, 2017

14 May, 2017

4 June, 2017

29 May, 2017

16 June, 2017

8 July, 2017

21 July, 2017

31 July, 2017

28 August, 2017

7 November, 2017

17 September, 2017

29 September, 2017

4 November, 2017

15 February, 2018

25 March, 2018

27 April, 2018

6 May, 2018

28 May, 2018

15 June, 2018

7 July, 2018

Dubbo Top Jockeys

These are the top 50 Jockeys who have raced recently at Dubbo

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
G M Ryan3628211802028
Ms R Murray1614101021624
M A Cahill1613181281325
K Dunbar121116141920
Kody Nestor12611612028
Travis Wolfgram1267901415
Ms E Webster-Hawes1147631818
A Cavallo101314163717
J Pracey-Holmes969119813
Chris C Williams8127751126
Clayton Gallagher864821013
Michael Hackett79790818
Jean Van Overmeire659531227
Chelsea Ings644471318
Ms M Weir57868823
G Buckley574471124
A Bullock522301714
A Banks495100415
Rasit Yetimova47161714
B Mc Dougall401113710
M Travers38454623
Ms L G Henry3239646
P King322181723
Kaylee Kirkwood23350412
Ms K Bell-Pitomac231191122
Ms K Chater22453412
J Kehoe22231713
Ms C R Van Der Werf2124158
Jake Hull21163434
Wendy Peel21092312
J Innes Jnr20163417
Joshua Oliver201111910
S Lisnyy20120105
Katelyn Jenkinson20017120
D Northey18873222
Ms T Jeffries14334321
Jamie Gibbons13336317
Ms S Young121111028
Vad Bolozhinskyi11328415
Aaron Sweeney11281338
Adam Sewell11121510
A G Robinson11033434
Ronald Simpson11061717
C Lever1101577
Crystal Conning10281325
Jenny Duggan10191212
J Geppert1012055
Chloe Baker1005200
Brendon Newport1009120
Brad Clark1001480

Dubbo Top Trainers

These are the top 50 Trainers who have raced recently at Dubbo

NameWins2nds3rdsStartsWin %Place %
C Lundholm2023111521423
B F Cavanough16165672432
Cameron Crockett151312662338
G D Lunn121471291017
Connie Greig10761051013
Ms G Williams946681415
Justin W Stanley624611010
D & A Ryan602125017
A J Gibson60016380
Brett Thompson575111511
P J Nestor544381422
Darren Hyde53867817
Dar Lunn491289524
R P Northam433311320
A J Denham422123434
M A Milton38345725
W Collison34435923
D Lane325251229
Allan Kehoe321171818
R C Robb31455610
P M Farrell312201515
F M Hayes312261212
P H Bloomfield311142215
M R Mulholland311171812
M E Jones302221410
G C Hook30114228
M D Griffith30122145
G A Ryan3004750
R Caton26738635
Ms S Grills253191143
D R Mirfin25236620
Sally Torrens25037614
M J Lunn2507138
C W Hodgson24135615
David J Smith240151427
Danny Parsons224171236
T S Howlett222151427
T J Fahey221181217
A Newing22063434
B N Molloy21163434
Leon Davies21054020
Lee Lunn20539613
Peter W Stanley2024255
Stephen Edwards20116137
Michael Plummer20120105
L J Tilley20021000
A M Molloy13213839
Kylie Kennedy12347311
Ms C Monaghan12123514
Aleacia Bennett12061734