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Unibet Australia

Unibet has built up a reputation as one of the world's top betting operators. They have established a customer base numbering over ten million worldwide, and have become known for their innovative features such as the Unibet Streak and the Unibet Expert Edge.

Top Features at Unibet Include:

The Unibet Streak is a great betting feature that gives you the chance to set up a betting group with your friends. Gather a group of mates together and compete against each other to build up the longest winning streak from a range of match-ups. Whichever of your mates puts together the greatest winning streak each month lands the top prize.

When it comes to punting, there's no such thing as getting too much information! The Unibet Expert Edge is the ideal feature for sports bettors. It's an innovative data analysis product that makes it simple to create a detailed picture of any sports events and to find betting insights, by using trillions of pieces of sports data.

With Unibet TV, you need never miss the live action again! Unibet TV makes it simple to stream thousands of top sports events, direct to your mobile or via the Unibet site. Unibet live streaming enables punters to follow top competitions such as the NBA, NHL and top level soccer, so you can stay up to date with the latest action.

If you enjoy the thought of increasing your winnings when you bet, then you will appreciate the Unibet Profit Boost. Check your Unibet account every time you log in and if you find that the Profit Boost has been added to your offers, you will be able to boost your odds by up to 50 percent. It has never been easier to boost your returns!

If you get frustrated at having to wait until an event has finished before cashing out your winnings, then you will appreciate the Unibet Cash Out product. With Unibet Cash Out, you can secure your profits before the event is over, so you can lock in your return.

Live betting is one of the most thrilling ways to bet and Unibet provides a great live betting service that covers both sports and racing. You can use the Unibet Live Betting product via the Unibet app or through the website. All you need to do is to choose the live betting market you are interested in, and then click on the live betting icon, and a member of the helpful Unibet Live Betting team will be in touch with you to help you make your live bet.

Staying informed about the latest results and market odds is important in the fast-moving world of sports betting, and with Unibet, you will be always be up to date. The Unibet app and the Unibet website bring you live sports score updates covering large number of markets each day. When you bet with Unibet, you will find it easy to keep in touch with the latest news.

Unibet Features

The Unibet Streak provides a great opportunity to gather your mates together and to take part in a betting competition. Gather a punting group with a number of mates and take on one another to see who can land the longest betting streak each month. The player who lands the best streak will land the Top Prize, and if you can bring ten or more mates into your group, Unibet will give you some extra prizes. Prizes are also available for a number of other achievements, and there is an overall prize for Unibet's Top Australian Streaker.

When you use the Unibet Expert Edge you will enjoy access to a state-of-the-art sports data tool that offers a wealth of sporting insights through its innovative use of trillions of pieces of sporting data. You can set up your own analysis filters and keep on top of the latest sports data and analysis, thanks to the Unibet Expert Edge.

Unibet can offer its customers coverage of an incredible 165,000 events each year, including detailed scoreboards and live activity updates, together with live streaming of the pick of European Football matches, Grand Slam tennis events and NBA and NHL games.

Unibet will help you raise the level of your winnings by as much as 50 percent with the Unibet Profit Boost. The Boost is given to different punters each week and can be used in all sports betting markets. When you find that a Profit Boost is available on your account, all you need to do is click on it to add to your betting slip and watch that return rise!

Unibet punters can also benefit from the Unibet Cash Out feature, which is now being introduced to many Unibet betting markets and can be applied to single or multi bets on every major sports market. Thanks to Unibet Cash Out, you can secure your winnings ahead of the market closing, so you will no longer have to wait until the event is offer to lock in profit.

Unibet Bonus Bets

Unibet offer the Australian punter several competitive bonus promotions including a great $150 Signup Bonus Bets offer. To get the bonus, simply create an account and you can claim up to $150 in bonus bets when you make your first deposit. It is possible to split the bonus bets into smaller bets, but it is important to familiarise yourself with the terms of each bet deal. Only one bonus offer can be used at a time, but Unibet will allow you to 'queue' your offers so you can use them at your own convenience.

With the Unibet Stake Returned offer, you can get back your original stake together with your profit when you strike a winning bet using a bonus bet offer. For example, if you bet $10 on a selection that has $2 odds and you win, you will get back the full $20. This is a great offer that you can't get with most Australian bookmakers.

Unibet know how vital it is to reward regular customers, so they also provide Loyalty Bonus Bets. To make sure they are in compliance with regulations, Unibet will get in touch with customers directly to tell them when they have a Loyalty Bonus offer, either through email or via SMS. If you're a Unibet customer, you can also stay up to date on your bonus details, including relevant expiry dates, simply by checking out the My Bonus Offers section.

Unibet Mobile App

Mobile betting has been a breakthrough for punters who now have the ability to bet on the move, wherever it suits them. Thanks to the Unibet Mobile betting product, you can select from hundreds of sports and racing markets wherever you are and bet at your own convenience. The Unibet App offers Australian punters among the most competitive odds in the industry, and also makes it possible to stream of over 30,000 leading sports events each year, including tennis, NBA and soccer, direct to your mobile device.

The Unibet Mobile App can be downloaded by all Unibet customers as soon as they set up a new account and works with all Android or Apple devices. It is reasonable to point out that there are more innovative mobile betting apps out there, but although it is not the most highly-rated app for Australian punters, the Unibet Mobile App is a solid platform for mobile betting. For mobile punters who aren't keen to use the app, the Unibet mobile betting website offers you a simple and effective way to get into your account and bet using any mobile browser.

Unibet Racing

The Unibet Racing platform is highly rated by Australian punters and is one of the most innovative racing products in the industry. Unibet have a strong reputation with racing punters for their customer-friendly take on horse racing betting and offer many useful features including the Unibet Dead Heat Payout, which ensures that you will get back the full dividend payout for any fixed odds win bet if the race you've bet on ends in a dead heat. Bookmakers tend to split dividends in the event of a dead heat, but Unibet bring horse racing punters a much better deal, with the Unibet Dead Heat Payout.

If you are a horse or greyhound owner and you think you should get more from your bookmaker, you should check out the Unibet Owners Payout. This top feature ensures that when you register your horse or greyhound with Unibet, you will be eligible to collect an extra 15 percent on your winnings if you have a winning bet on your animal.

Unibet also offer some welcome compensation for punters who suffer the fate of seeing their horse pass the winning post in first and then get demoted. The Unibet Protest Payout ensures you are paid out as a winner if your selection is relegated after finishing first. The Protest Payout is applicable to all fixed odds win bets or multi bets on horse racing.

Unibet Sports

Australian punters enjoy the opportunity to bet live and Unibet provide a great live betting service for their customers. With Unibet, it is easy to bet live on sports or racing events, with the click to call feature. All you have to do is choose the live market you want to bet on and pick the bet live icon, and a helpful member of the Unibet team will be in touch with you and help you to get your live bets on.

The ability to watch live sport while betting can bring a new angle to your betting and for Australian punters, Unibet leads the way with their live sports streaming service. They offer coverage of an impressive 165,000 events every year, including live streaming of selected events ranging from top European football, to NBA, NHL and Grand Slam tennis matches.

Whatever sport you enjoy betting on, it is important to stay informed; which is where the Unibet Live Scores service comes in handy. With Unibet, you will be up to date with all the latest scores across all the main sports around the world. Unibet bring all the crucial stats and match data to you, direct to your mobile or desktop.